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Developer in open beta.

A popular utility-first CSS framework that makes it easy for web developers to build responsive websites. I have been using this recently for my React.js applications and my portfolio site. One of the neat things about using Tailwind is that you can stay within your markup files to apply your styling. The configuration file grants you the option of changing default animations, managing screen size modifications, and more. Recently they’ve added support for dark mode (yay!). Lastly, it won’t overload your website once released for production due to its small size.


Using npm, enter this in the terminal to install…

Been a long time trying to get this to work properly. This blog post will be in-depth. I created an app that allows local business owners to register for an account and post announcements for their businesses. I admit it isn’t the best looking app right now but I would like to apply more styling to it in the future and add additional features, like maybe a search functionality.

Ruby on Rails Setup

The backend API was built using Ruby on Rails. When building out an API for a front-end application there are a couple of things to do. …

After going through a mock technical interview through Skilled, I realized then that there was a lot missing in my fundamental knowledge of basic programming. I’m going to start writing out what I currently know now and look back to it in the future. To start off is the object lifecycle in Ruby. One of my main struggles starting out were methods with undefined variables. This can be solved and once defined it can be utilized for later use.

What is a class?

In object oriented programming, a class is essentially a template with data that contains the information and behaviour. In a class…

I’ve been an avid follower of cryptocurrency and blockchain since it started booming back in 2017. IMO, I believe that cryptocurrency is revolutionary and has contributed to a lot of the technology being introduced today! I had decided to jump into learning Solidity out of curiosity. Here’s what I’ve gathered so far.

What is a Blockchain?

The blockchain is essentially the ledger containing everyone's transactions. It’s a database containing everyone’s transactional entries that anyone can view. While it can be viewed, it is not modifiable. Each transaction protects the sender who instantiated the transaction with a cryptographic signature. …

In part two of IRL Examples of Data Structures, we’ll be going through Linked Lists.

What is a Linked List?

A Linked List is a linear data structure. Unlike arrays, linked list elements are not stored at a contiguous location; the elements are linked using pointers.

I’ve been studying up more on JavaScript recently! In the past, I’ve dabbled with Ruby, Java, C#, and Python. While I’m not excellent at any of these languages, I have seen the differences between component-oriented programming, functional programming, and object-oriented programming. After returning to JavaScript, I can definitely see why it’s still a very nice language to use and the drawbacks when using it as well. I’ve included the benefits and disadvantages of JavaScript from my experience so far below.


  1. Commercial
    A lot of companies do use JavaScript as a tool in their stack. Because of its popularity, a lot of…

Ever since I graduated from a coding boot camp, I went through a lot of ups and downs. It’s definitely normal to go through if you decided to go this route and there will be a lot of lessons learned ahead. My biggest lesson was the approach to solving problems algorithms. This was the point that gave me doubts about my capability in problem-solving, which ultimately led me to feel completely burnt out.

Around the end of July, I decided to get back into it but at a slower pace. I decided to add visuals so that it would aid…

I’ve recently been doing a lot of programming using Unity Engine and learning more about it along the way. If you’re ever interested in starting game development at some point, I do recommend Unity Engine! There are a lot of tools already included in their library and the engine can develop games for PC, MAC, Linux, iOS, Android, and even for consoles.

I’m currently on Windows 10 and will guide you on how to set up a Unity environment on your PC. You will need Visual Studio installed. If you haven’t yet, just click here to get that downloaded. I…

I’m currently in the progress of making an application programmed in C# that would be used to design maps for my team. I’m using Visual Studio since it has the tools I need to make the UI and allows me to preview the functions, and test the build!

So far, there’s a lot of logic applied in order to make it work. I still have some debugging to do to make the draw, erase, and delete work! Currently, the UI looks like this.

I’ve recently been asked to join an indie game development team! This is the second team I’ve joined this year to create a game and I’m ecstatic to be contributing to the team as a programmer.

The game will be a 2D procedurally generated world with city-building aspects and with a military space-engineering theme. I’ll be working alongside another programmer to develop the game using C# and NET. Our goal is to develop the game so that it can be played in Windows and Linux.

While Linux has no support yet to build a project file made in a WFP…

Shirlen Detablan

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