Developer in open beta.

For a while, I have been on Leetcode to improve my problem-solving skills with data structures/algorithms. I think one of my favourite has to be FizzBuzz, just because of the nostalgia and the many different ways you can solve the problem.

What is FizzBuzz?

I had been reviewing JavaScript terminology in preparation for technical interviews in the future (for when I do become an official dev). I have my own notes to look back to whenever I feel stumped. I’ll be sharing what I think are the most important terms to know! I’ve done…

I’ve been playing with the idea of creating an e-commerce website for a while. There’s plenty of them on the web already (Amazon, Newegg, Goat, etc) and I have been curious about how they are structured. I went ahead and started by creating the application using React.js. …

You may have heard of NFTs already. Maybe you’ve read about an article about an artist making thousands by tokenising their work. Or even companies joining in on the fun by making limited edition collectibles online in the form of digital assets.

NFTs or “non-fungible tokens” are digital assets that…

Shirlen Detablan

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