Volunteering for OIT: Digital Corps 2021

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

I‘ll be talking about my latest volunteer experience working with the Digital Corps for Out In Tech. I had a great time working with my team and collabing with one of the members for the three sections we decided to tackle. All of it was designed using WordPress and meetings took place using Zoom.

There were a total of 80 volunteers consisting of Out In Tech members and several Automatticians to help us navigate the design and tools provided by WordPress. There were 12 members in my team ranging from developers, graphic designers, technical writers, and coding bootcamp alumni/students from different schools. A lot of the communication was done via Zoom and Slack, with others who teamed up on certain sections having separate Zoom sessions to work together. We had breaks in between and a huddle to check on the progress of what we were working on.

A life-saver for maintaining the flow of your page.

I had not worked with creating a WordPress website for a while. A lot has changed since I last used it back in 2013. It definitely is different from my usual front-end web design process. I had been so used to programming each line with HTML/CSS or React.js with a CSS library that working with a simplified process with WordPress had become alien to me (lol).

I had a couple of design issues with maintaining the alignment of a page. When we sought the advice of our Automattician, we were advised to use columns to keep everything symmetrical and the spacer option helps to control the pixels of how a header or a paragraph is placed.

Navigation menu with logo.

I was amazed at what the members were able to accomplish. Our graphic designers created beautiful logos and badges for the business in less than a day. We also had a member create a font and color guide for the website to stay clean and cohesive. Our project manager did their best in staying updated with the work-progress of everyone involved. The Automattician designated to us also did a great job in explaining how certain tools worked with Wordpress and giving additional advice in our Slack channel on how to improve the look of the site.

We collaborated with a queer-owned business that aims to create timeless pieces for non-binary and transmasculine individuals. I had the pleasure to hear them speak about the story leading up to the inception of the business and how they plan to impact the Desi community who are part of the LGBTQIA+ space.

I am excited for them to pursue the business and see the clothing line debut for the community worldwide!



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