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Finally have my domain name and site running. I’ve spent quite a while trying to simplify the design without making it too cluttered and decided to go for a negative-space approach. I’ll go over my thought process and why I chose specific frameworks and libraries to get it done. This doesn’t mean my site is complete, I feel like I’ll always be working on it as time goes.


I chose ReactJS and TailwindCSS to develop my portfolio site. I felt React would be a great approach for my portfolio because of being able to use hooks for a modal function within my portfolio. I’ve also gotten used to the component based approach within React for separation of concerns.

Hooks for a modal.

I used three hooks to get the modal to function: useRef, useCallback, and useEffect. It enabled my About Me to drop down with additional information. You can see the rest of the code in my repo link below!

TailwindCSS is a CSS library that uses in-line CSS in div tags. The library has made it easy to prevent mistakes. There’s also built-in features for mobile responsiveness so that users who access your site can do so with ease.

Specific screen sizes for different mobile devices in tailwind.config.js ,

In addition to that, I also used the FontAwesome icon library for social links on my footer.

You can choose between round or solid icons.

Official Deployment

I used Netlify to host my website and got a domain from Name. It took 24 hours for Netlify and Name to be able to approve my SSL certificate so that my site is secure, making it https instead of http. Netlify has made it easy to do so by giving instructions on DNS configuration with Name. Highly recommend this method as it is effortless. You can also host and buy a domain solely on Netlify in case you don’t want to use two different services.

The site is still pretty bare in my opinion so I’m hoping to improve upon it more. I’m considering a light scroll effect and a navigation menu at the side, maybe more images aside from my projects. Definitely going to work more on my project cards.

View my portfolio site: https://lendeta.live.com


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