Gem, quick update, & Sinatra

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

I managed to finish the lessons and labs (minus Fwitter) in less than 2 weeks because for some reason I thought we had to finish in time for the next project. I decided to take a few days off because of the brain overload and reviewed on some key lessons to prepare for the next portfolio project: Sinatra.

Sinatra is a minimalist web-application framework that works similarly to Ruby on Rails. And yes, it is named after Frank Sinatra. From what I had been able to do in the labs so far, the framework is relatively straightforward. Everything that we learned in Ruby and SQL can be done in a few lines of code. With the additional knowledge in HTML and CSS, it can create dynamic websites.

My goal with this project is to go extra hard. I’m often critical when it comes to visuals so I will be applying Bootstrap to my project so that my web-app is interactive. That way if a user does end up accessing my web-app on their phone then it will be seamless. I’ve got about 2 weeks to do this so I’m going to learn all that I can about Bootstrap and think of a project theme over the weekend. My thoughts are looming over the ideas of a theme related to photography, furniture, or workstation/gaming setups.

On a side note, recently PlayerOneCoffee had revamped their website so my previous CLI project no longer displays the products. I’m going to be updating the coffeebreak gem and make version 0.3.0 so that it can function again!



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